About Us


About Us 


Empowering Denver's Youth To Reach Their Potential


RiskTakers Youth Initiative believes every young person has talents and strengths waiting to be unleashed. Through mentoring, skills development, and real-world opportunities rooted in youth culture, we empower disadvantaged youth in our community to tap into their potential and create positive change.


Our Story 


RiskTakers was founded in 2023 by Denver natives Quincy Wedgeworth and Quincy Smith. After overcoming their own struggles with poverty, gang involvement and incarceration as youth, Wedgeworth and Smith are dedicated to guiding the next generation onto a brighter path.


Having walked in the shoes of the youth they now serve, our founders bring passion, empathy and credibility to their work. RiskTakers leverages their insights and community connections to meet youth where they are. We tap into their love for music, art and fashion to initially engage them, then help them gain the skills, mindset and support they need to thrive.